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See how our chiropractic care may give your "feel-great" a boost! No matter your present state of health.

Our mission...

To receive people where they are; to help them
become what they want to be.

Our history 



At Family Chiropractic Health Service we do not see you as a bag of problems waiting for canned solutions. You are unique. Though the problems you share with us may be similar to those shared with us by others, these problems are unique for you. That's important. We listen to how your experience affects the whole you from the way it makes you feel to how it impacts the way you live. We use contemporary neurologic, orthopedic, muscular…evaluation techniques and develop a solution that will get you back to feeling as you think you should - maybe better. 
We believe the human body is an everyday miracle. Our goal is to maximize self healing, that is, your body's natural ability to recuperate. That is what chiropractic is all about. That is what chiropractic can do for you.

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For over two decades we've been helping people get to the level of health they desire.  Some of you come to us with back pain due to over use, a new exercise, or work or auto injury. Some visit us with disk issues and are not quite ready to commit to back surgery. Some have arthritis or degeneration. But everyone who comes to see us has something in common. We all have the desire to be healthier.
Seniors have found that they can continue their independent lifestyles because we've helped them with mobility challenges. From birth 'n beyond we have helped people just like you to get out of pain, get smarter about your body and live your life at their healthy best. Think we can help?   
 Others have heard we've had success with tennis elbow, sore ankles, sore necks or headaches and migraines. Babies and small children have been able to sleep through the night because we've addressed their colic or bed wetting problems. 
Increasing costs, chemical side effects and complex procedures have people considering chiropractic, acupuncture and other alternatives to help them understand and deal with the some everyday and some not so everyday problems. We would like to offer our approach.

How we work with our clients

Our doctors


When you come to see us you'll be greeted with a friendly smile from one of our Chiropractic Assistants who will make you comfortable and answer any questions you have before you see one of our doctors  If you plan on using your insurance to help with covered expenses, we'll check on your coverage ahead of time, briefly review it with you when you arrive, and let you meet with the doctor in no time at all. 
Our doctors will begin to get to know you by asking about your health history and by conducting a thorough examination to determine whether chiropractic care would be appropriate for your condition. Occasionally we may take x-rays or other diagnostic imaging, or do additional orthopedic testing - but only as it is warranted. After that, we'll discuss with you what we've learned, we'll develop a plan of care that makes sense for your situation, and, tell you what results you should expect. 


If your condition is not appropriate for chiropractic care we will discuss this with you and refer you to another provider.
Finally, before we begin care, you can expect to have a good understanding of the financial arrangements.
As the care plan unfolds we will gather regular input from you and evaluate your status to assure you are making progress toward your goal – a healthier you.
We regard ourselves part of your health care team. When you are receiving care from other healthcare providers while also being served by us, we give high priority to understanding and complementing our service with that of your other care givers. We believe you are best served when all of your care providers work together for the best solution for your situation. We encourage you to ask questions about how the stuff one provider does works in conjunction with the others.
Our intent is to help you reach your heatlh goals by educating you and working with your body's unique needs and ability to heal.  Based on our years of experience and knowledge, we suggest sage, healthy, and easy to understand solutions.  for most people, being as healthy as we can is a choice.  We respect yours and will do our best to help you informed, effective choices.


Meet the Doctor

Dr. Jo is easy to talk to and truely enjoys   getting to know you.



"Hi there, I was wondering if you accept patients without health insurance and if so, how much an adjustment would be?..."

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